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Selling Tips


First impressions are vitally important. Step back and look at your house with the same critical eyes you would use to buy a new home. What do you like about your home that you can emphasize? What features need repair or updating?


  1. Keep the lawn trimmed and neat. Flowers and shrubs are always appealing. Make sure the walkways to your home are clean of debris.
  2. Paint any outside trim that is faded or worn.
  3. Be sure roof is intact and gutters are properly cleaned and free of debris.
  4. Be sure tools and equipment in garage are put away properly and do not clutter.


  1. See that the entrance to your home is free of clutter and appears inviting.
  2. Flowers, soft music, and candles are always inviting.
  3. Paint any walls and woodwork that appear worn or faded.
  4. Keep to neutral colors and avoid flowery or "busy" wallpaper.
  5. Remove excess clutter or furniture from rooms and closets.
  6. Remove excessive family portraits in order to give buyers a chance to picture themselves in your house as their new home.
  7. Repair broken window panes, leaky faucets or plumbing that is in need of repair.
  8. See that windows and doors open and close freely.
  9. Closets appear larger when not cluttered. Keep them orderly. Pack up the clothes that are not in season.
  10. Keep blinds and curtains open to allow plenty of light to flood the rooms. Keep on bright lights to give a cheerful atmosphere.
  11. See the house is free of unpleasant odors.
  12. Keep beds made, toys put away and sink free of dishes.
  13. Repair caulking around tub or shower and keep clean of mildew and soap film.
  14. Try to be gone from the house while buyers are inspecting in order to not intimidate them.
  15. Always discuss your concerns with your real estate agent.


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